Why Did FC Barcelona Pay 8M a Year to a South American Scout?

Laporta disclosed that the club currently owes €1.35 billion in total debt. The statistic is remarkable in and of itself, but Laporta uncovered even another startling element. The club was paying an annual fee of €8 million to a South American club scout. 

Moreover, Their academy, La Masia, is famed for finding world-class talent, and some of their most gifted players have come from South America in recent memory. For any scout, that figure is extravagant, but considering Barcelona's track record, it's understood why they were looking to South America in particular.

In addition, Lionel Messi, who recently left FC Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain PSG on a free transfer, was discovered by an FC Barcelona scout in Argentina. They also signed Brazil's Neymar Jr. when he was just 17 years old. He, too, moved from Barcelona to PSG for a world-record transfer sum.