Who Will Get Number 10 Jersey? – Possible Candidates

Messi's departure leaves a void that will be impossible to fill, and others will be compelled to fill it because of competition rules that need specifics such as the dorsal 10 to be used by a new player in the shortest time possible. Moreover, Depay and Ag├╝ero are two players who can wear the T-shirt in terms of quality and dribbling. The players who spend less time away from Messi and inside the locker room are those who can contribute the most to the figure of magic that is related to the number in question.

Adding further, Pedri and Of Jong would have some reason to expect for this dorsal now that it is available, knowing that his current stats are unusual in football and that a new season in the feet may give so much, well would have to inherit the legacy of the ex-captain. 

Further, Ansu Fati, who does not have a dorsal striking, might be the new 10 in quest of an emotional impact, since it is The Farm's huge hope and one of the club's more significant gems, one of the club's more essential and powerful bets. Moreover, according to the most recent report, Barcelona is keen to keep Coutinho. They also intend to offer him the historic number 10 shirt that Lionel Messi has abandoned.


We've reached the end of this piece, and we know that there are other possibilities for the podium, including Ansu Fati, Griezmann, and Depay, who might take over the work of packing the T-shirt now that Messi is no longer the number ten.