Sites Like Rotten Tomatoes

There are many alternatives to sites like rotten tomatoes for a variety of platforms. I have added many sites similar to sites like rotten tomatoes . Enjoy ;)

Rotten Tomato Destroyer - Chrome Web Store

29.10.2018  · Throw one by one rotten tomatoes in any area of almost any site on the Internet. We have all heard of or even seen people throwing rotten tomatoes when disappointed in a live performance. Now you have the opportunity to throw tomatoes in websites that deserve it. Tomato website destroyer for Chrome is always at hand when necessary to blow off steam on …

Web 3.0Tools - Web3.0-Tools-d1 - Google Sites: Sign-in

Think of a website like Rotten Tomatoes where users get to vote on a list of movies. Movies with a higher rating are usually considered “good movies”. Lists like these help us get to the “good data” without going through “bad data.” Peer reviews, as we have already mentioned, is one of the biggest contributions of Web 2.0. However, as we know, human recommendations are not ...

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