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Usually, ads are pretty shitty on sites like this one, but Milfzr really takes the cake here. Top prize in shittiness for sure. Tons of banner ads, IM messenger pop up ads, auto-play video ads that won’t close. If you try and close any of them it will just open up another tab and refresh the ads, as well as redirecting you to some other sketchy site. One site auto-downloaded something to my ...

NHentai & 25+ Hentai Manga Sites Like

Show 25 + sites like nHentai: nHentai (5 /5 User Rating) n Hentai (English) was made by the same people who designed and Pururin, which makes it one of the more well endowed sultry sites, and certainly one of the most unique. With just a quick scan through, you’ll find a bevy of cartoon cunts, busty beauties, and some of the most bizarre fetish …

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