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There are many alternatives to sites like lolskill for a variety of platforms. I have added many sites similar to sites like lolskill . Enjoy ;)

Top 20 Best League Of Legends Sites Ranked October

Lolskill.Net the #10 Most Popular League of Legends Website . Similar to LoLKing in many ways but it’s defining feature is it’s TopLists that categorize the top champion enthusiasts by their LoLSkillScore, showcasing some of the best Summoners on their respective champions.

Maokai Build Guide : Maokai Jungle [11.7] :: League Of ...

03.01.2018  · So, things like Jarvan IV 's Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo can be stopped, things like Lee Sin 's second cast of Sonic Wave, things like Zac 's Elastic Slingshot, Riven 's third cast of Broken Wings (the crowd control can actually be negated if Riven casts it and then midway you just use your Bramble Smash, it's hard to time but mastering this is what …

TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide To Taliyah MID - MOBAFire

Some other credentials: I have been numerous times no 1 Taliyah EUW on sites like Lolskill and as of 27.08.2019 I'm listed on OP.GG as the second most experienced Taliyah player on EUW (judged by LP and number of games). I am also the writer of the no 1 Lolking guide for Taliyah with over a million views, but sadly Lolking got deleted :(. For that guide I wrote over 30 pages …

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