Lionel Messi Missed Out On One of the Biggest Records in History After Leaving FC Barcelona

For all Barcelona fans, Messi's departure from the club was heartbreaking. PSG fans, on the other hand, will be overjoyed because they have suddenly obtained one of the best players of all time for nothing. Lionel Messi has the potential to lead them to their first UEFA Champions League victory.

Moreover, PSG fans aren't the only ones who are happy, as Messi's early departure means he has now failed to break numerous significant Barcelona records. He was on the verge of breaking the record for most trophies won by a football club. 

Further, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs keeps his top rank with 36 trophies won under Sir Alex Ferguson after playing for FC Barcelona and finishing second. It's an incredible haul, and it's unlikely that anyone will ever break it. In addition, he is tied for second place in terms of La Liga titles won. Messi and Gento's Real Madrid teammate Pirri are tied for the most La Liga titles with ten each.

In addition, Messi would have become the player with the most Champions League appearances for Barcelona if he had stayed at the club this season. Messi finished with 149 matches played, while his former teammate Xavi Hernandez retains the record with 151. Moreover, the Argentine attacker, on the other hand, might still return to Barcelona in his final season. If he returns, he'll undoubtedly break the record, but it's difficult to see him playing for Spain again.