Lionel Messi salary at PSG: How much will former FC Barcelona star earn per week

PSG has reportedly offered the best player in the world a salary of roughly €35 million each season after taxes, according to several publications. The contract is for two years, with a third-year option. Messi has shown his willingness to accept the offer, and an official announcement might be made within the next 24 hours. 

Moreover, based on the €35 million take-home pay, that equates to slightly under €3 million a month, or €2.91 million to be exact. In addition, Messi's weekly salary will be €729,000, or €104,000 per day, or €8,680 per hour, €144.68 per minute, or €2.41 per second. Of course, these are mere approximations. Messi will also receive a €25 million signing bonus. 

Moreover,  it's more than Neymar's reported €31 million-per-year earnings, and PSG is still in talks with Kylian Mbappe about extending his contract, which has only one year left and will cost a comparable amount.