Lionel Messi exit was sad but necessary, says Barcelona president

“We are confident in our ability to make the decisions that needed to be made. What happened to Messi was unfortunate, but it was unavoidable because the institution comes first,” the president remarked.
Moreover, FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has spoken on Lionel Messi’s departure from his boyhood club to join Paris Saint-Germain, calling it a “sad” but “necessary” occurrence.

Further, Messi was willing to sign a new contract with Barcelona, but the club ultimately determined they couldn’t afford him, even on a reduced salary. Moreover, he claimed that we would have endangered everything. The situation is tense. It’s solvable, but it’s a show-stopper. We would have had one or two more years of Messi if this had happened later, but it happened now.”

Adding further, Messi was supposed to stay at Barcelona for another two years at first. However, Laporta claims that the current economic situation makes it impossible. Laporta acknowledged that Messi’s contract with the Catalan giants was originally set to expire in two years, but that the deadline was pushed up to this year.

In addition, “I believe it has been a long-lasting romance, and it has been one of the most beautiful love tales this club has ever witnessed. It eventually degraded. It’s just the way things are,” the club’s president explained.

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