Jack Grealish: Manchester City midfielder says he cried like Lionel Messi over leaving Aston Villa

The 25-year midfielder left the club where he had spent his entire career last week for £100 million, the greatest transfer in English football history.

Grealish’s departure was followed by news that Lionel Messi, who has spent his whole career with Barcelona, would be leaving the club owing to “financial difficulties.” 

Moreover, the 25-year-old midfielder signed a six-year contract with City after the Premier League winners used a £100 million release option in his Villa contract; Grealish describes the record sum as a “compliment” that gives him confidence. 

According to Jack Grealish, everyone has seen Messi’s final news conference, and that is precisely how he felt. Jack Grealish claims he cried when he left Aston Villa for Manchester City and felt “exactly” how Lionel Messi did when he left Barcelona.

Additionally, it was quite challenging. I think everyone knows that, said Grealish, who might make his Premier League debut against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, according to live “Air sports.” Moreover, I returned for pre-season just like I was supposed to. That’s when the manager requested my return, so I returned for a few days. It was definitely challenging because I knew deep down in my heart that I was capable of being Go.

Adding further, when Paul Pogba rejoined Manchester United for £93.25 million from Juventus in 2016, the transfer fee set a new record in English football. “It puts no strain on me at all,” Grealish explained. “I consider that a compliment.” I like it and think it’s a useful tag to have.

In the end, now we know that it was hard for Jack Grealish to leave Aston Villa as it was difficult for Messi to depart from Barcelona. Moreover, after leaving his boyhood club for Manchester City, Jack Grealish penned an emotional open letter to the Aston Villa faithful.

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