How much money Barcelona will miss out on due to Messi’s Departure?


The stunned reaction of the news media and the unanticipated reaction of supporters on social media platforms alone demonstrates the magnitude of Messi's departure. However, the loss that Barcelona will create is far greater than the reaction of the media and Messi's fans. 

Moreover, Barcelona is the second most valued club in football history, with Messi having been a member since he was 13 years old.

Additionally, Messi's departure will have an impact on more than just Barcelona. His presence, as well as the fact that people pay to watch the player widely recognized as the greatest ever, boosts the entire league.

As a result, the loss that Barcelona will suffer will be as large as the worth of the club, as it will lose 11% of its overall brand value following the departure of Leonel Messi. Moreover, his departure potentially will cost the club a lot of money and hurt the club's brand value.

Impacts Of Barcelona's Financial Status After Messi:

Messi's contribution to the brand value was broken down into three areas by Brand Finance. Further, commercial revenue, which is based on on-pitch performance, matchday revenue, and jersey sales and merchandising revenue. According to an estimate by Brand Financial, the club will be down €137 million in that department, with Messi often bringing in a lot of money through his commercial ventures. Further, Barcelona might lose €43 million in brand value if the renowned ‘Messi No. 10' is taken off the shelves.

Adding further, Barcelona's brand value might drop by 11%, according to the study, which is the amount Messi alone provides to the club. Messi's exit, according to the brand assessment and strategy firm, may cost €137 million, or $160 million in brand value. 

The data aren't yet accurate, and the estimations and number of brand assessments and strategy firms may reveal a variation in the number of losses it will suffer, but it's clear that Barcelona will suffer horribly.

We've reached the end of this study, and we now know that Barcelona is the world's second most valuable soccer team, and Messi has been a part of it since he was 13 years old. However, Barcelona will suffer a massive financial loss as a result of Lionel Messi's departure.