How Does Gerard Pique Feel About Fans Trolling His Selfies on Social Media?

Pique shaved his beard and uploaded a series of clean-shaven selfies on his Instagram account. As a result, while Pique has recently been generating headlines for all the right reasons, the veteran has had an odd couple of weeks on social media. Moreover, while many admirers were first perplexed, trolls began to target the 34-year-old. Football fans all across the world were not impressed with the Spaniard's new style, and, as is customary on the internet, wild trolling ensued.

In addition, the good news is that Pique is unconcerned about the critiques and trolling. The experienced center defender claimed on his twitch feed that he was simply bored by people's incessant questions about his beard. Also, the Spaniard emphasized that the entire series of his posting bizarre selfies was a joke. 

Moreover, “the entire Instagram selfies thing is a joke,” Pique continued. I had heard something about engagements from a coworker, and I wanted to give it a shot. That's all there is to it.”

Adding further, while the Barcelona defender amuses supporters, he will be key in the club's new phase without Lionel Messi. With Messi's departure, veterans like Pique will be called upon to keep the ship afloat. Also, the 34-year-old also made some vital defensive saves in Barca's 4-2 victory over Real Sociedad. The Spaniard appears to be on track to accomplish the same. Pique opened the scoring for Barcelona for the first time without the Argentine maestro.

Further, The Blaugrana has a good mix of old and new players. With a young defender like Garcia in the lineup, Pique will play a significant role in Garcia's development. Now the question is whether Pique and Garcia can form a defensive alliance this season and keep Barca's defense in control.