Game Sites Like Miniclip

There are many alternatives to game sites like miniclip for a variety of platforms. I have added many sites similar to game sites like miniclip . Enjoy ;)

Free Unblocked Games 66 - Google Search

This game is developed based on the criteria: “simplicity”. Not only the graphic but also the control is very simple. You only need to use Left Arrow Button and Right Arrow Button to move the ball. 8. Unblocked. If you have tried the classic game named “Snake Game”, we are sure that this game type is not strange to you.

Cool Websites [2018] - 100 Best Fun & Useful Websites To ...

01.01.2018  · Act like a hacker! Type anything gibberish and it comes up as code in black/green color, like any hacker movie. 65. Drinking Game Zone: Add challenge to your drinking session. Make it more fun by picking any challenge from this website. The site has a comprehensive list of every one known to mankind. 66. Magic Pen: An addicting game based on ...

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