Barcelona Is Ready To Take Drastic Measures With Samuel Umtiti

Barcelona's desire for Samuel Umtiti to quit the club is reasonable. This summer, there has been a steady stream of reports regarding other clubs pursuing Umtiti. However, the majority of them have gone to clubs that are considered to be inferior to Barcelona and do not provide as much money.

Moreover, Umtiti has reached the point where he does not want to leave a major club in a beautiful place to make less money. It's difficult to blame him for that. Barcelona, on the other hand, is not pleased with Umtiti's refusal of the proposal after proposal.
Adding further, Barcelona is threatening to sack the defender by terminating his contract if he continues to reject exit offers, according to a report from Sport. If this is the case, it demonstrates how desperate they are to get contractually committed funds off the books.

In addition, Umtiti is said to have only one week to find a new club before his contract with Barcelona expires.